10 True Events Which Proves That Time Travellers Do Exist!

  • 10:19 am July 14, 2018
  • vignesh

While it is quite fascinating to hear about the time travellers theories we don’t just believe them blindly, we actually do look out for more proof to support the theory and we get ample of theories and facts supporting them on the internet. It is pretty easy to explore and watch some interesting theories that make sense. There are also many pictures on the web which are a proof that time traveling and time travellers both exist. Movies like the ‘Matrix’ and ‘Interstellar’ are an awesome watch for those kind of scientific fiction movie buffs. The brilliance in them gives us more reasons to believe in them… Thus, we have collected some pictures which prove the same…

Swiss Watch Discovered In An Ancient Chinese Tomb

Chinese archaeologists discovered a giant coffin in a 400-year-old tomb in Shangsi County in December 2008,

They found a Swiss engraved watch which had stopped at 10:06. This was quite weird because these types of watches did not exist 400 years ago, it made many people believe that someone had time traveled from the future to the day that the tomb was closed up and left the watch inside.

While there are still debates that this was photoshopped into the real picture but there are also people who are trying hard to prove this is real.

The Philadelphia Experiment

An astronomer, in 1955 and UFO buff Morris K. Jessup, the author of the book The Case for the UFO, which was entirely about unidentified flying objects claimed the destroyer escort USS Eldridge (DE-173) was rendered invisible, later teleported to New York, then teleported to another dimension where it encountered aliens, and teleported through time, resulting in the death of several sailors, some of whom were fused with the ship's hull. Jessup dismissed Allende as a "crackpot".

The Time Traveling Man

This picture appeared on the Virtual Museum of Canada's website. It is of the event reopening of the South Fork Bridge in British Colombia in the early 1940’s. You might notice a man in the back row who doesn’t seem to fit in.

This man is not wearing a hat, plus he is dressed like men dress today. He has long, messy hair, which is a trend even now, the sunglasses that you wouldn’t have seen people wearing back then along with a shirt with a printed logo.

A Woman On a Cell Phone In 1938

This one is such surprise because this happened way back in 1938. But to explain this picture a woman steps up and says that the woman is her grandmother, who was 17 years old at the time and working for Dupont.

The factory was experimenting with wireless phones and the woman was given one for a week for testing purposes. It is really very weird to believe that information.

CD's back in the 18th century

This is a painting way back from the 1800’s where it shows a man taking a CD out of a box. Since CD’s weren’t in use until the 1980’s, many people believe that the man in this photo time-traveled to the 1800’s from the future to show off this amazing invention.

The ones who oppose this theory say that this is just a typical box with a glass cover. Since the top of the box is resting on the man’s chest.

Time Traveling Celebrities

A few pictures from the 1800’s were put on sale on eBay, in 2011. Both the men in the pictures looked identical to Travolta and Cage. Many people believe that the seller had the photos altered to get some attention and also to raise the price.

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An Astronaut Sculpture On An Old Church

A sculpture on the top of a church which was constructed between 1600 and 1800 looked like a man wearing an astronaut suit. It is proof that one of the people building the church was from the future and created this sculpture.

The Time Travelling Investor

An investor named Andrew Carlssin was arrested for insider trading, back in November 2014. This man himself claims that he was a time traveler who came back from the year 2256.

In two weeks time he invested $800 and was able to make $350 million. He was arrested for the same because it was pretty hard to believe. But he had disappeared as the time arrived to show up in the court.

Matt Damon Went Back In Time

A woman found a photo of her parents at their wedding. She was herself surprised because her father resembled Matt Damon. There are theories where he travels back and forth through time and he is living a double life.

The Cape Scott Story

Ample theories prove that time travel exists and but this one is the most mysterious one. This book cover has a picture on it where there is a man who looks completely out of place.

He is wearing t-shirt, shorts, and he has long hair like many men have today, while the other people around him are all wearing typical clothes for when the photo was taken in 1917.