10 Unimpressive Child Stars Who Grew Up To Become Absolutely Gorgeous

  • 6:47 pm September 7, 2021
  • suhas

We all have seen them while they were growing up. All of them graced our TV screens in their childhood. They weren't very attractive back then though but look at what they have grown up to become!

Josh Saviano

I think it is safe to say that puberty can hit you in amazing ways. Look at him and you will know it is true.

Candice Cameron Bure

Okay, we take the unattractive bit back that we mentioned above. Its just that Candice has become more attractive.

Eric Lloyd

he is one of the best looking man in the world right now, PERIOD! There are no two ways about it to be honest.

Daniel Radcliffe

Let us just admit that he was an awkward kid. Not very awkward adult though. I know at least a zillion people who have a massive crush on him!


I just cannot stop looking at Zendaya now. She has grown up to be so attractive.

Demi Lovato

If this isn't a mega transformation, I don't even know what else is. She is just so gorgeous, you just cannot take your eyes off her.

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Alexa Vega

She was always a lovely looking kid. She has just become better!

Evanna Lynch

Ummmm, I don't even know what to say. Her beauty seems absolutely unreal.

Dylan & Cole Sprouse

Well, i guess our Zack and Cody aren't the same tiny munchkins anymore!

Lindsay Lohan

We had to end this one with Lindsay Lohan. I mean, come on!