9 Celebrities Who Were Offered a Win-Win Role but They refused doing it.

  • 2:28 pm June 23, 2022
  • suhas

Celebrities don't necessarily in every case agree when they get a proposal to play a role from directors and producers. The explanations behind this are different: some are worried about the possibility that the watchers will find the film boring, others have zero faith in young directors and basically don't see themselves in this job. For instance, Charlize Theron didn’t want to play the mother of the main character in Wonder Woman because she considers herself too young for this role.

Hannibal Lecter: Sean Connery — Anthony Hopkins

Director Jonathan Demme wished that Sean Connery should play the role of Lecter yet the well known actor turned the proposal down. Later the role was proposed to Anthony Hopkins. From the beginning, the actor believed that he was being approached to play in certain children's film. Be that as it may, when Hopkins read the initial 10 pages of the script, he acknowledged the director's deal immediately. In the end, Hopkins' instinct ended up being correct — he was selected for Best Actor and got his first Oscar.

Clarice Starling: Meg Ryan — Jodie Foster

Meg Ryan likewise botched an opportunity to get an Oscar when she turned down the opportunity to play Miss Starling. The actress didn't actually liked the gloomy and harsh plot of the movie . At last, the role went to Jodie Foster who had read the novel and had an immense wish to try Clarice’s image on herself.

Allie Hamilton: Jessica Simpson — Rachel McAdams

Jessica Simpson is more renowned as a singer. She botched her opportunity to become renowned as an actress when she rejected the proposal to play in The Notebook. Simpson was against the revealing scenes. Rachel McAdams, in her turn, wasn't humiliated about it and ultimately turned into the on-screen passion of Ryan Gosling.

Queen Hippolyta: Charlize Theron — Connie Nielsen

When Charlize Theron was offered the opportunity to play the part of Wonder Woman's mom, she lashed out. The popular actress called this proposal an insult and dismissed it. We really do comprehend her sentiments since Gal Gadot is just 9 years more younger than Charlize, and they most certainly don't seem to be a mother and daughter. Then, at that point, maker Zack Snyder, offered this role to the Dutch model and actress Connie Nielsen who is 20 years more older than Gadot.

Kitty Shcherbatskaya: Saoirse Ronan — Alicia Vikander

Saoirse Ronan turned down the role of Kitty since she would have rather not sacrificed her filming in the movies Byzantium and The Host. In these projects, Ronan played the main character that is the reason it was ultimately Alicia Vikander who got the supporting job in Anna Karenina.

Gamora: Amanda Seyfried — Zoe Saldana

Amanda Seyfried “didn’t want to be part of the first Marvel movie that bombed.” The actress sincerely didn’t understand who might be interested in watching a movie about a talking tree and a raccoon. Moreover, Seyfried was afraid that Hollywood wouldn’t forgive her failure and decided to not risk her career. Eventually, the role went to Zoe Saldana who wasn’t at all scared and hit the jackpot.

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Elizabeth I: Emily Watson — Cate Blanchett

The role of the queen was at first proposed to Emily Watson yet the actress dismissed the proposal and didn't have a single regret about it. Watson admitted that she couldn't have ever played the part as well as Blanchett, who got a Golden Globe for this work.

Andy Dufresne: Tom Cruise — Tim Robbins

Today it's difficult to envision another person, aside from Tim Robbins, playing the part of the guiltless and lively Andy Dufresne. Yet, this role was proposed to numerous well known actors including Tom Cruise. Nonetheless, the action genre star would have rather not worked with a newbie director so he turned the proposal down.

Christine Palmer: Jessica Chastain — Rachel McAdams

Jessica Chastain chose not to play the part of Benedict Cumberbatch's beloved women in Doctor Strange. As per the film's scriptwriter, Chastain went with this choice since she hasn't lost her desire to play the superheroine in the Marvel universe.