13 Banned Controversial Films Which Will Not Let You Sleep At Night

  • 12:49 pm March 28, 2018
  • mahi

Cult and controversial at the same time...

#13 A Clockwork Orange

Released in 1971, A Clockwork orange was a dystopian crime film based on a novel. In this movie, a charismatic and antisocial delinquent is imprisoned for rape and murder. He voluntarily accepts an experimental therapy to reduce his sentence, but the entire thing goes wrong!

#12 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

An American horror movie inspired by the real-life murderer, Ed Gein, this movie is about five friends who are being tormented by a chainsaw-wielding killer and his psychopathic family.

#11 The Green Inferno

Released in the year 2003, The Green Inferno is a movie about two student activists who decide to go on a social project to save Amazon. However, things go wrong when their plane crash and they hand up in a secluded island which is a home to hungry cannibals!

#10 The Human Centipede

A 2009 Dutch horror movie, The Human Centipede tells a story of a mad scientist. It was released in three parts with its sequel getting banned in UK and Australia for extremely explicit content.

#9 Scarface

Loosely based on on the rise and fall of Al Capone, the movie Scarface was released in 1932. Touted to be boldest, raw and violent gangster-crime films, it was banned in the US because of its “glorification of crime”.

#8 I Spit on Your Grave

A 1978 movie, it is a story of a writer who was brutally raped by four men and was then left for being dead. But she escapes somehow only to hunt these four men and killing them one by one in the harshest way possible!

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#7 Hostel

An American horror trilogy, the first part of which, was released in the year 2005 tells a story of two students travelling across Europe. They are led to a mysterious hostel which ends up with horrific results

#6 The Last Temptation of Christ

A 1988 American epic-drama film, The Last Temptation of Christ was directed by Martin Scorsese. Based on the book of the same name, the movie tells the story of the life of Christ and his struggle with various forms of temptation like lust, fear, doubt and grief. As expected, it offended a lot of Christians and hence was banned!

#5 The Last House on the Left

A 1972 American horror and exploitation movie, this is a story of some escaped criminals who assault two girls horrifically. It was based because of their gruesome acts.

#4 Battle Royale

Another dystopian movie from Japanese filmmakers, released in the year 2000, the movie was banned because of being too gory and gruesome.

#3 Brokeback Mountain

A 2005 American romantic movie which shows two cowboys having a secret romantic relationship. Though it won many Oscars but was banned in many parts of the world.

#2 A Serbian Film

A 2010 Serbian Horror movie, is a story of an ageing porn star, who is struggling to provide for his family, and therefore, agrees to make a film which contains themes of paedophilia, necrophilia which ultimately end with his death

#1 Cannibal holocaust

An Italian cannibal horror movie, this movie was released in the year 1980. Based on a missing documentary film crew which had gone to the Amazon to film cannibal tribes, this movie was banned because of its brutal content.