15 Actors Whose Name You Never Knew Could Be Taken This Way!

  • 4:45 pm March 5, 2018
  • vignesh

This is a hilarious list...

Ajay Devgn

Singham of Bollywood, gets a heroic entry in our charts! Well these has its unique way on using these gun, great level of creativity! Even in his name he has that thug role. And most probably the heroic one, you can even see all his movies are mostly about guns and roses .

Boman Irani

One of the finest actors of this generation, a completely different spin to his name. Looks like his own name made huge difference with a bow in it. Well he doesn't need any sort explanation because he is one of the most funny and witty character and finest actor that no one can match his sense of humour.

Jackie Shroff

The Original Hero, a superstar who is as cool as he was back then in his heydays. Well these Jackie shroff doesn't need his key when he has key in his own name. He is slang is enough to make us think, and most handsome of all. He always use our Mumbaikar slang that no matter what we cannot ignore him.


Virar ka Chokra, Govinda gets a victory immersed between his name. Well his name describe his personality, its win win game. Our all time favourite dancer and with his expression, one can define that he was and will be the most loved human being. He was more popular with his heroic look and Mawali dance and most probably his expression, where no one can match him.

Tiger Shroff

One of the best action heroes and dancers in Bollywood. Well these one doesn't need any explanation, his name says it all. Well when we heard his name, even we were really confused, and was taken aback that his name is really tiger, but that didn't stop him to rule over our hearts.

Kamal Hassan

One of the finest actors country has ever seen. Well lotus is our national flower , and it doesn't need any explanation to describe who we meant to. As unique as he is, this one surely deserves it. Because like this flower he always stand out, with his experimenting roles in every movies.