15 Superhero Characters If Played By Indian Actors!

  • 11:18 pm March 5, 2018
  • vignesh

It would be legendary!

Hrithik Roshan

Doesn't he look every inch the Superman we Indians crave for! Make way Superman our Krrish is here , and he surely does will beat all super heroes, with his handsome look.


Who else can do the charm, wit, swagger and style all in a single avatar, Shah Rukh Khan would be our answer to Downey Jr. Well the most loved character will be played by our most loved king of bollywood, will be cherry on top.

Baahubali Prabhas!

He made huge inroads with Baahubali and he is here to stay, our desi Thor, Amarendra Baahubali aka Prabhas! He surely fitted to these role of thunderstorm thor.

Alaudin Khilji

Ranveer Singh's turn as Alaudin Khilji in Padmavat showcased his wide range of histrionics, we feel he would be the best best for Aquaman! No denying , he almost looked like khal in padmavat and will surely give justice to these role.

John Abraham

No one even comes close to being the beast one needs for playing Hulk, Action Abraham fits the bill perfectly! Well john will surely look hot as ever, even in these hulk character.

Farhan Akhtar

If you have FLASH, we have our own desi version Farhan "Milkha" Akhtar to play it. Well Farhan is the finest actor and surely give justice to any role.