7 Massive Movie Mistakes Even The Craziest Fans Failed to Notice

  • 6:47 pm June 15, 2021
  • suhas

You may have seen harry potter and other blockbusters multiple times. But we bet you didn't notice what we noticed while watching these movies. These movies weren't perfect and had some of the most biggest blunders one can possibly imagine! Here are those mistakes...

Django Unchained

In the movie, we can see Jamie Foxx, who played the role of Django, wears sunglasses! Now the fun fact is that the movie is set in 1850s! Sunglasses first hit the market in 1920s. The timeline doesn't really match, does it?


Troy sure is an iconic film set in an iconic timeline. Planes weren't a thing for at least thousands of years after the time in which movies is based on! So how on earth nobody noticed this in the editing room?

Game of Thrones

Game o thrones without a doubt is one of the biggest show the world has ever seen. But the world missed something that our team didn't! The Unsullied aren't suppose to have any romantic relationships with anybody. But the rule clearly didn't apply for this soldier right here who is clearly engaged! A very silly blunder one must say! This also reminds us of the final season Starbucks Cup fiasco!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

If you are an ardent harry potter fan, you'd know that harry shares his eye color with his mother. According to books and some initial installments of the movie, both harry and his mother have green eyes. Now Harry does have green eyes but the one who played little Lilly in Deathly hallows doesn't! So what's the scene?

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Again, movie creators were way ahead of their time. In the third part of this pirate story, Captain Barbossa and Elizabeth Swan, along with the team, go to Singapore to find Captain Sao Feng there. The movie is set in 18th century but Singapore became Singapore only in 1819. Doesn't really sit quite well, does it?

Captain America: Civil War

You maybe a massive Civil War fan but hear us out. Remember the scene where Spider-Man grabs Captain America's shield and covers it with web all over? In the next scene, Spider-Man is holding the shield in his hands, and the trophy is absolutely clean. How?

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As perfect as it seemed, Braveheart was anything but perfect! The clothes of the Scottish warrior William Wallace from Braveheart remind of the traditional national costume — the kilt. But the problem is that it appeared at around the beginning of the 18th century. The movie is set in 13th century! Way way ahead of its time? Or wait, behind its time perhaps?