8 Movie Mistakes And Improvisations That Made The Movie A Lot Better!

  • 8:02 pm October 30, 2021
  • suhas

Movies have grown from being just another entertainment source to an integral part of the life of most of us. Let's face it, we love watching movies. If you love watching them too, this one may just be for you. Here are some mistakes/innovations that made that movie a lot better!

Boss Improviser Man Bill Murray

Now here is something new for you. His famous scene in Caddyshack where he rants on for a one-minute-long monologue as he destroys the heads of some poor flowers with his terrible (or amazing) golf skills. Nothing was planned.

In Titanic

Remember the ever so famous sit attack in Titanic? Well, turns out, it wasn't in the script. But here's the fun part. Everybody on the sets knew it was coming except the guy who had to deal with it! WOW!

Forrest Gump's Most Forrest Gump-Like Introduction

Toms response to Bubba's long-winded original introduction on the bus was actually an improvisation by him on the spot! Fun!

Actual Beer Thrown At John Malkovich's Head

Your director and the crew sometimes end up doing things with actors that are unimaginable! During one scene in the movie Being John Malkovich a bottle of beer is chucked at John Malkovich's head. He screams of pain. Well, it was an actual beer bottle!

The Amazing Cat

Remember the amazing cat from The Godfather? The way the cat blend in the scene seemed unreal. There is no way it could've been an accident. But it was. The cat wasn't a part of the script. This cat just actually decided of its own accord to become a star. It jumped up onto the baddies lap when they started filming, and didn't jump off until they finished filming.

Iconic Improvised Line

One of the best romantic movies you must have seen is When Harry Met Sally. In the diner scene, Billy Crystal came out shouting with the line; "I'll have what she's having," to a passing extra, and history was never the same again, it just began better!

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RDJ Loving Snacks

Who doesn't know Tony Starc in this world? Some of the final film cuts were filmed with the actor knowing, and some without- that's how much he loves his snacks. Clicked something?

Not So Dumb!

What if we tell you there was an entire movie which was a mistake or more like an improvisation. Would you believe it? Okay not whole but a lot. Dumb and Dumber directed by the Farrelly brothers ended up being a whole 15% improvised simply by Jim Carrey and his hilarious comedy and improvisation techniques. Fun Fun Fun!