Fans Troll Vin Diesel's Vacation Photos. Wonder If He's Shooting For 'Fat And Furious!'

  • 6:28 pm September 12, 2021
  • suhas

If you are a star, your life indeed is tough. It is always in public domain and fans never shy away from saying things that they shouldn't. Like in this case where Vin Diesel is trolled for no good reason!


Vacation period is meant to be enjoyed completely. No matter who you are, vacation is for you to get a break from the exhaustive life. Unfortunately, our world time and again proves that celebs do not have that leisure!

Why, you ask? Well, what happened with Vi Diesel recently proves the above statement. Imagine, people had guts to troll him!

The Recent Occurrence

Diesel is known for the stunning physique that he has portrayed in Fast and The Furious series! But recently when few of his holiday pics made rounds of Internet, people showed evident problems with them!

We speak a lot about body shaming and things like that but then we are the ones who do not let celebs live their life the way they want. We always have something or the other to say every time a celebrity gains weight or changes the look.


Look at this tweet. How is something like this acceptable? As fans, we should stay away from doing stuff like this. This is unacceptable.

A Mean Tweet

That wasn't the only tweet. This tweet says something extremely mean. Something that diesel wouldn't appreciate at all!

One More!

And if that wasn't enough, here is another extremely mean tweet. Shows how people online think they can do whatever they want to and get away with things!

Stop It

If you are reading this, please stop ridiculing people online. It doesn't make you cool. Also, nobody gives a damn about your negative opinion other than you so please, save it for yourself! Not cool!

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