Jennifer Aniston Finally Revealed That Why Her Nipples Were Always Visible On The Set Of ‘Friends’

  • 2:36 pm June 24, 2018
  • vignesh

Lets us openly admit this, the best thing to have ver happened to our life is the TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Right from the coming of age stories to multiple theories of love, career and parenthood, this show was everything once could ask for. While there is always a debate about who is your personal favourite character, the most glamorous of the lot was undoubtedly Rachel Greene, a character which was made completely believable by Jennifer Aniston. But this thing about her made certain news and the truth is finally in front of us.

Darling for millions

One of the most popular tv series which still seems relevant till date had millions of fans worldwide.The humour exhibited by different characters on the show are still a crowd favourite. The TV series is still hugely popular amongst the millennials, where the story, quirkiness, witty nature and the fashion sense of the actors still bedazzles the youth.

The characters, from Gunther to Chandler, all are equally loved and if asked the fans won’t let you take even a single character from the show.

She still is widely loved

But Rachel Green, portrayed by Jennifer Aniston, still stands as the most searched actress till date.

From her iconic sartorial choices to her perfect hairstyle, she always had her fans hooked on her. From her divorce with Brad Pitt to her second divorce, she has been constantly under media scrutiny for a number of reasons. Well, fame has a price to pay.

Did she even wear one

While the question has been up for everyone to answer since time immortal, The fans couldn’t help but notice the recurring appearances of her nipples from her t-shirts and tops on the show.

Despite many revolutionary moments like ‘Free the Nipple’ by the recent generation, it is quite baffling that the viewers are still pretty concerned about the repeated display on the series.

A cut above the rest

Anniston was always class personified when she portrayed the character of Rachel.

From being easily the most popular and the most known face of the entire cast, she did not bring in unnecessary starry tantrums to the table.

Jennifer's portrayal of Rachel right from her confused spoilt but good at heart girl to a woman who symbolised strength while being a single parent or even scaling professional heights, she made the character completely believable and relatable.

She turned the heat on

There are many viewers who are of the belief that the producers of the show saw this as an opportunity to bring in the oomph factor with Jennifer Aniston's character.

But again, there are many think that this show in the 90's was a trailblazing show which displayed the openness and normalised the nipple talk. But there are still a lot of people who have no clue on why was this there on the show.

She started it all

When she was asked about why her nipples were always visible on the show, whether it was deliberate or if the producers and directors promoted this choice. This issue popularly known as ‘Nipple-gate’, she stated that she had no clue why it kept that even though she wore her bra.

But she also stated that even if it showed up, why is it such a big deal, it is how her breasts are and it shouldn’t bother anyone. Well, Rachel Greene stands as the original of ‘Free The Nipple’ movement.

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