15 Amazing Before And After Street Art Transformations That Are Simply Beautiful

  • 4:16 pm March 30, 2018
  • delcy

Well, art is incredible and it can transform boring thing into an artistic way. A sure way to enhance the look of a plain and boring building is through art, colourful art. If you ever wondered how an improvement like that will give you more amazing ideas by going through these art work which are truly stunning.

“Renaissance,” Le Puy en Velay, France

Tiled Steps On 16th Avenue, San Francisco, California

“Knowledge Speaks – Wisdom Listens,” Athens, Greece

"Porte Des Lavandières," Aurec Sur Loire, France

Ringo Starr Street Art In Barcelona, Spain

Okuda, The Universal Chapel, Arkansas, USA

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“Au Fil De Loire,” Brives Charensac, France

Photorealistic Mural, Glasgow, Scotland

Giant Starling Mural In Berlin, Germany

“Topart,” Budapest, Hungary

3D Mural In Poznan, Poland

The Whole Town Gets Repainted In Vibrant Graffiti, Palmitas, Mexico

Full Moon Hostel, Bristol, UK

Topart, Budapest, Hungary

Diving Dog Mural, Mechelen, Belgium