10 Ways To Recycle Wash Tubs For Your Home Design

  • 10:34 pm August 19, 2018
  • delcy

Recycling items have been making the garden and interior areas more innovative and very useful. Most importantly kitchen utensils are giving a stunning diy look for the garden areas. So here are the different ways you can give your tubs with some recycle look for your home designs.

Planter look

Recycle your tubs which is enhancing the outdoor with some stunning ideas with a DIY look that is showcasing the planter look for the outdoor spaces.

Table design

Well, you can give this tub very creative ideas and they are enhancing the indoor areas which are showcasing the table look for some DIY look.

Storage ideas

As you can see this tub is giving the storage ideas for the indoor spaces which are quite creative and very unique to enhance your indoor spaces.

Outdoor design

Well take a look at this tub is giving a rustic design for the outdoor spaces that are quite inspiring to enhance the simple look.

Fairy design

Fairy garden is quite creative because they have given the immense ideas on giving a decorative look for the outdoor design which might inspire you for the same.

Water feature

The water feature is always making your garden more useful, as they have given an extraordinary look for the spaces which is enhancing the garden with some rustic fountain look.

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Triple tier

Take a look at these amazing ideas which is enhancing the outdoor spaces with a stunning triple tier look and also enhancing the plants.


Here firepit has been giving more different DIY ideas and they have never disappointed to give a magnificent idea, well here it is enhancing the outdoor spaces.

Seating arrangement

Rock and roll they are probably enhancing the indoor areas with some creative but rustic designs. Out of Diy look, it is showcasing the seating arrangement ideas.

Stunning one

Well, take a look at these new ideas which is enhancing the outdoor spaces with beverage look and showcasing the different ideas. So these are the interesting ways to recycle washtubs for the home ideas.