10 Awesome Small Balcony Designs Ideas For You

  • 12:04 am July 20, 2018
  • delcy

Balcony is a great place to have a cup of coffee or tea. The cool thing about up your balcony is that, you don’t have to spend much time and effort. Simply putting a couple pots of herbs and flowers can make a huge difference. Hanging some accent lights and candle lanterns can also easily set up the romantic mood. This will give an inspiration to enhance the balcony areas.

Amazing one

IKEA has tons of solutions for almost all types of home DIY projects, and one good example is their series, which can make perfect furniture piece for small balcony space.

Stunning one

You can also keep things simple, such as this small round table and a pair of chairs. Add some flowering plants to keep it lively.

Combination look

Choose materials carefully and always plan out how they would look to make your balcony look more like a deck of a urban house than an open space.

Perfect spot!

If you already have a great view in your balcony, then you don’t need much decorations at all. Set up a comfy chair, a subtle table, throw some pillows, and voila! You’re ready to enjoy the sunset

Planter look

You can always transform your balcony as a reading nook and put your favorite reading chairs and some pillows. Which enhance the outdoor spaces.

Beautiful one

Or you can just decorate your balcony as if it’s just another room in your apartment by putting drawers and chairs and tables such as in this photo.

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natural look

And you can never go wrong should you decide to transform your balcony to a garden and put various plants, and it will give an inspiration to enhance it in the balcony areas.


Another great way to make the balcony an extension to your home is to make it actually useful. Setup a table and chair two and add some plants for accents

Fabulous one

Again, you can never go wrong with transforming you small balcony to a garden. Plants always have that natural way to make spaces look fresh and lively

Comfy type

Or you can get something simpler, but comfy such as this boho hammock chair ,Which can give an inspiration to enhance the balcony look, So these are the awesome small balcony design ideas.