Most Spectacular DIY Recycled Glass Bottle Projects That Will Take Your Breath Away

  • 3:03 am April 29, 2018
  • delcy

if you are looking for some projects on a budget that will make your home shine in its best colors, then you should definitely consider taking these ideas in consideration. Probably, you will see that some of them are really easy to make and some of them will take you some further efforts .However, we should all agree that there is something for everybody. So, let us dive into these perfect bottle crafts ideas.

When you love pink

Best thing you can do with glass bottles is to diy it, And these is really amazing, Well the artistic look because of plant life that gave an extraordinary look to the glass bottle.

Wall Shelf

Looks more like wall shelf ideas ,well even you give a this glass bottles a unique ideas with a shelf look and even decorating your wall with a beautiful glass bottles ideas.

Zigzag one

Well surely a zigzag one also giving a different look to the wall design, with a wooden log. where you can diy it, with this idea.Making it more simple and classic look.

Amazing one

Also you might think of giving this diy glass bottles ideas with an amazing look, as you can decorate it with different look for example this might grab attention with its stunning ideas.

Lamp one

Even you can decorate your wall with these small lamp ideas, with a decorative flower design giving a major role to the wall decorating ideas with these glass bottles. Well this surely looks outstanding , with a lamp ideas.

Key holder

And when you think of something extra ordinary that can give your wall a different look then these might also , because these key holders are amazing one with pattern look and stunning design.

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Bathroom wall shelf

Well these bathroom shelf ideas is also amazing, showcasing wooden log design, giving an outstanding look to your bathroom. Well as you can see that the simple and basic design for the glass bottles might be the reason to decorate your bathroom look.


Well this creativity is on different level, where you can showcase some talents by doing a handmade design in glass bottle, this is surely an innovative one and you can decorate it where ever you might want to.


Well even the simplest design might give major awesome look to your interior. this glass designs with small plant ideas are giving a beautiful look these wooden log design perfectly carved for the glass designs.


Well with an outstanding looks comes with an intricate design, here is the most beautiful design for the chandelier that you can use for your interiors. Which showcases the creativity at its new level.

Candle stand

Even give glass bottles a new way of lighting candles, well these idea of lighting your inside the glass bottle is not that unique but yet beautiful one =, where even you try it at home.


Planter ideas for your home might be also the reason to give this diy a major stunning look to your interiors that can grab more attention , this one is quite amazing and unique.


Well these one surely looks like a christmas decoration, where you can decorate your glass bottles with this unique ideas and perfectly fitted for your home design. well it showcases more of the lighting ideas for your interior.

Spectacular one

Even give these spare bottles anew look like by decorating as a chandelier one, well this might be reason also to give a spectacular to your interior with creative ideas.

fence ideas

Well you can even give these glass bottles a fencing ideas, and these is looking outstanding with its different colorful bottles look. This diy is surely amazing and unique with different ideas, So here are the glass bottles diy look .