10 Dreams We All Had While Growing Up!

  • 3:33 pm March 6, 2018
  • vignesh

How wonderful was childhood!


The best dream which every child has, to fly high in the sky, a pilot's job is one which is envied by many and some even chased their dream to become one.


To join the army is one of the childhood dreams which many kids cherish, a duty which fills your heart with pride, if only we chased our dreams passionately.


A profession which is considered to be the holiest unfortunately we all grow up and turn out to be engineers.


One of the most stylish and suave job dreams a kid has, but unfortunately many are quite afraid to take up once they grow up


Who doesn't want to explore space, who doesn't want to travel and meet the stars, but only few dare to achieve what they set as their childhood dream


Why would anyone not want to change the nation, I would, we would but hell yeah that was back in when we were kids, now it doesn't seem cool enough to clean your own homes