10 Pictures Which Would Remind Us That There Is Still Goodness Left In This World

  • 2:41 pm September 25, 2018
  • vignesh

Kindness is a forgotten art nowadays. Being kind is considered as something which is totally out of blue. People even seem to look at you with suspicion when they see you being kind and start analysing why this person is being so nice, what his/her is motive behind this gesture. But it is a proven thing that acts of kindness not only generate positive vibe for the recipient, but also for the performer. They have a warm effect on a person’s mental health, happiness, and level of life satisfaction. And just think about this, we all know what a warm smile at the start of the day can do for someone. So kindness is basically a contagious phenomenon: where in one good deed can spread rapidly and enlighten the day of dozens of people. Fortunately, there are still genuinely good people in this world who don’t hesitate to lend a helping hand to those in need.

A little gesture

There was an Old Lady who daily used to visit the supermarket just to read the books present there, days passed and the shopkeeper always noticed that so he decided to help the old lady by installing a little bench for her.

He did it for the baby

He saw this baby crying in the subway ride while many tried to pacify the baby but to no avail finally this good Samaritan decided to play the peacemaker he kept playing the violin all along just to make sure that the baby doesn't cry.

She is a true friend

While we have often heard that a friend in need is a friend in deed and this woman sure proves us right, she spotted her school friend suffering from drug addiction on the roads in Kenya she took him to a rehabilitation centre and now he is completely transformed as we can see.

We need more people like him

We have seen many who would want to help people and at times even go out of their way to do things for others but he surely is awesome.

William Boyajian Is a professional Actor And Musician Who Plays Guitar In busy Subway Stations In his Spare Time To help Those In need.

Even they deserve care

How awesome it is to see when humans take care of their fellow beings but it becomes even ore special when they take care of the animals, this queue is of people who want to adopt the dogs and cats affected by the Austin Floods.

Is there anything more beautiful than this

There would be few sweet things in life than this which is to wake up to see your daughter saving money for you just because you said you didn't have enough money

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How beautiful is this

If something can calm your mind and make your day more better than it already is, this is the picture right here. On Independence Day in New York City subway, we see this.

Do it for others

Its time we realised that even they deserve some attention and care.A baseball fan is holding an umbrella over a JROTC member on memorial day, this guy is showing it how to do it.

Kids have the kindest heart

Child is the father of the man they say and how true is that they have the most largest of hearts as can be seen here, the kids in Canada have stuck out the jackets in the streets so that people struggling with winter can use it.

This man deserves respect

When the mother of the little kid was being taken on a stretcher and he had no one to attend to, this officer in the picture took care of the baby's feeding while still performing his duty, Respect!