8 Times Jealous People Couldn’t Hide Their Envy

  • 4:03 pm May 30, 2018
  • vignesh

We do say envy is the biggest inspiration. But not at all times is helpful, never especially when the camera’s focus is on you.Because we have often heard gossips about how people envy others when they are in a position of power but we thought they would at least be careful when they do and not let out a collective gasp.

President Folks

We never even imagined this is something which could ever happen, all presidents at a hand shaking distance from each other.

We can surely sense something more than just envy here.

Even she can go red

We never knew all this years of marriage she could still feel the same kind of envy as she does now.

But we need to admit it this is quite cute to see both his expression as well as her reaction to it.

This is taking it too deep

We have seen Men ogling at women when they are with their bunch of friends no matter they have a girlfriend/partner or not.

But this is something which even by those standards is quite far fetched, ogling at another women when you are walking with your loved one is unacceptable.

Is this something which is compared?

While we have often heard stories about people are always in the want of having better assets as compared to the one they have already.

But this image surely shows us how true those stories might be, envy knows no places you see.

Old age got its own issues

It's not great to live your life in isolation as you start feeling the cons of old age.

But at times it just gets worse with examples like these when you envy the PDA which the young couples practise.

Find a better place

Why don't these folks get a better and a far comfortable place for themselves.

Is it absolutely necessary that you have to do it right there or right in from of someone, just think, you guys could surely do better

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Ladies Man

It pays to be a ladies man, doesn't it?

We mean just look at that fellow no not the one who is with the ladies but the one who cant be more apologetic that he doesn't even have a single woman for company.

This surely cant be envy

We are still figuring out what exactly is this young lad's problem, this surely cant be a matter of envy.

This is plain absurd, a guy staring through, common bud thats none of your business.