9 Mismatched Couples Who Prove that Love Yet Exists in The Our World!

  • 6:00 pm January 12, 2021
  • suhas

Our society has a perception about how the couples should be! The moment we see a couple who doesn't compliment each other visually, we rate them a mismatched one! But these couple didn't care about the world's opinion of them and are happy together. They will resort your trust in love!

Anna and Lucy DeCinque

Twin sisters Anna and Lucy DeCinque live with their boyfriend together! Yes, hey both are dating the same guy. So technically, they aren't a couple but a triplet! Unheard of, right? But they are happy together!

Husband, wife and wife’s lover

Let's reverse this situation now! Here, a wife is happily living with her husband and her boyfriend! Again, all three of them are happy with this arrangement of theirs!

Amazon Amanda and Sergio Miranda

Height matters? It sure does! And when woman is super tall, it matters even more! But not to Sergio who decided to be with Amazon Amanda! They look cute together!

Charity Pierce and Tony Sauer

Here's another couple who looks a little disproportionate! They look super happy with each other and we couldn't be happier!

Victor Hugo Peralta and his wife Gabriela Peralta

You are looking at the most tattooed couple in the world! They look crazy but that is how they like it!

Anastasia Reskoss and Quentin Dehar

This couple had a very unique wish! they wanted to look like dolls! They have spent almost £200,000 in the 15 sessions of cosmetic surg*ry and procedures till now. They both have met at a party and started dating each other.

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Joelson Fernandes da Silva and Evem Medeiros

In Brazil, he was the tallest man and thought he'll never find anybody because of his height. In came this princess and they are the one of the most adored couple out there!

Kyle Jones and Marjorie McCool

He is 31 and she is 91 but the love between them is that of 18 year olds! Alls good as long as they are happy with each other!

Liu Ye and Liu Ye

Obsession is one thing and being crazy is other. The 43-year-old Chinese from Zhuhai married himself in a ceremony that raises a couple of interesting paradoxes. The ceremony in which he “exchanged vows” with a cardboard copy of himself wearing a traditional Chinese wedding gown might be the most absurd thing ever. Way too obsessed by himself? Sure thing!