Alaskan Fisherman Jessie Peek Feeds A Flock Of Bald Eagles, Then The Camera Turns Left…

  • 2:34 pm June 29, 2018
  • vignesh

Birds of feather flock together is something we all must have heard and seen it too. It is surely quite heart-warming to see them fly in unison or even stay at one place but just imagine how cool it is to feed them and see that joy, these are the little joys in our life which we all hope to live for. This is one such scenario which captures the essence of the moment.

Bird Lovers

We have to admit that it is surely a delight to be a bird lover, just to watch them spend their time in a flock is soothing.

We generally prefer time in isolation and that is when if we get to spend time with their company feels like heaven.

Anyone here for bald eagles

This is a question we always wanted to ask have you ever witnessed a dozen of bald eagles at one place? Well, get ready for an awesome treat for your eyes in this post!!

These rare breed of eagles really capture our attention! Mostly, spotting even a single such bird is a stroke of luck, but what this man does is something really enticing!

Alaskan Fisherman is awesome

While it is very rare for most people to even spot one of these rare birds, but it is not the case for this Alaskan Fisherman who's enjoying feeding them!

But in this case, it's not just one or two of them, there are about three dozen bald eagles together at one place!

Undoubtedly, it's a rare sight to behold! Go ahead to check out the awesome video if you don't believe what we are saying!

The heartwarming video is here

Jessie Peek the Alaskan fisherman says it's just another regular day for him while feeding these rare birds! He says it's a common sight in Alaska! But, what a beautiful watch!