American Boy Sends A Gift To The Philippines, After 15 Years, The Act Proves Life Changing

  • 3:55 pm August 10, 2018
  • Hazel

We expect our love stories to be perfect like a fairy tale or a movie. And many believe that this is not possible in this age as it is probably impossible to turn things like just exchanging gifts in childhood, might change your whole life and might find love because of something that you did when you were just a child. This story is something that will take you in surprise as the two lovers find ways to each other. It feels like this was already written by God that these two different people living in places far away from each other come together like this. The stars aligned to make them meet and fall for each other. It all sounds like some story from a movie. But it is the reality of this couple and we are in awe of the beautiful love story.

7 year old kid

In 2000, a 7-year-old kid from Idaho sent a Christmas gift box which was a charity to the Philippines. 15 years later this act made a big difference in their life which feels like a movie yet, it's genuine!

The gift

18 years prior, Tyrel Wolfe partook in a charity venture called Operation Christmas Child. The sender was assumed to send distinctive school supplies, little toys, a letter, and their photograph in a small shoebox.

The kid picked his cowboy picture, put it inside the case, and the package was sent to the Philippines. Tyrel had officially disregarded this circumstance, however, in 2009, he got a friend ask for on Facebook from Joana Marchan.

At the time Tyrel neither acknowledged nor rejected the demand.

He sent letters

Months after the fact, he finally chose to accept the demand on the grounds that he was inquisitive about who this young lady from the opposite side of the world was. Joana enlightened him concerning how she got his shoebox.

She even sent him a letter to thank him however by one means or another the letter never arrived in Tyrel's home.

The kid asked his mother to confirm whether it was genuine or not, and his mom recollected the blessing. Tyrel and Joana kept talking to each other on Facebook.

He went to meet her

Afterward, they made sense of that they had a lot in common and chosen to meet each other. Tyrel spared up enough cash and purchased a ticket to Manila.

He was extremely apprehensive in light of the fact that he'd never voyage alone yet Joana met him at the airplane terminal and they fell for each other.

His promise

The conditions Joana's relatives had to live was very bad and Tyrel was stunned by it. Each of the 8 family individuals utilized to sleep on the floor in a small hold up.

The couple burned through 10 days together and they didn't know when they were going to see each other once more.

Tyrel guaranteed Joana he would return and he kept his promise.

Tylers Dad convinced her mother

At the point when Tyrel came back once more, he asked Joana's dad for consent to marry his little girl.

Her dad favored their marriage however her mom was against it. She said they were excessively youthful to get hitched.

At that point, Tyrel's dad arrived in Manila and convince her.

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Their Marriage

The couple married at Tyrel parents' ranch. Tyrel wore a barong, the customary shirt worn by Filipino grooms, and Joana wore a simple white dress.

The lady's folks couldn't go to on the grounds that of visa issues and now the couple needs to have one more function in the Philippines.

They have a beautiful child

The worldwide philanthropic task was set up in 1993 and 113 million shoeboxes were sent to 130 nations before Tyrel met Joana.

Presently, they keep sending endowments together. A few years prior, the couple conceived an offspring to a beautiful child.

You can watch the video here where they recount their story. They don't attempt to hide their tears of joy.