Children From Around the World Showcase Their Favorite Toys. This Is Heartwarming!

  • 11:50 am September 12, 2021
  • suhas

There are so many children in the world. Some are privileged and some are not. But one thing common in all the kids from all around the world is their love for their toys. Some of them showcase their favorites here. Try not to cry looking at this heartwarming series of photos.

Rivaldo Fesna, 5 , Port-Au-Prince , Haiti

That little cute face says it all. Also his favorite toy speaks tons about him and about what he aspires to become in future.

Kafele, 5 , Mkanda, Malawi

Honestly speaking, that smile is a million dollar smile. How we wish this kid keeps smiling like this for the rest of his life.

Arafa And Aisha, 4, Bububu, Zanzibar

So both of them combined have quite a few favorite toys. Good thing they know how to share toys! Beautiful!

Porjai, 3 , Bangkok, Thailand

There is absolutely no doubt that this girl wants to become a Rockstar when she grows up. And we have no doubt in the fact that she is gonna become an extremely amazing Rockstar!

Taha, 4, Beirut, Lebanon

Cars have always been a fan favorite amongst the kids. You know Taha loves his cars when you see hiss face blushing in this image.

Ernesto, 3, Firenze, Italy

Ummmm these are quite a lot of realistic toys to love to be honest! As long as he only plays with them!

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Lauren, 6, Muskoka, Canada

So there are 2 dolls in this image. Which one is your favorite?

Allenah, 4, El Nido, Philippines

This girl sure loves her soft toys., Her face says she is very protective about them!

Chiwa, 4, Mchinji, Malawi

There are times when you look at images and they hit you really hard. This is one such time for me to be honest!

Norden, 5, Sidi Benzarne, Morocco

Love the way he has stacked his books on one side and toys on another. Amazing!

Zi Yi, 3, Chongquing, China

This is one of the most vibrant images you will ever see. Also, one of the happiest as well. Very nice!