10 Amazing Car hacks That can Save Your Trips For Sure!

  • 12:30 am February 6, 2021
  • suhas

For the busy world that we live in, car has become a necessity! It is almost unimaginable to live without one! Whether you drive your own or constantly Uber it up, using a car has become an extremely normal thing. here are 10 car hacks that can prove super useful!

Suction Cups!

Traveling with children? Well, they usually get super bored on a long journey! And then they start annoying you! So how to make the trip interesting for them? Use Suction Cups! Children can put their pencils and small toys in them and play throughout!

Protect Your Stereo System

Robbing one's stereo system is an extremely common thing as sad as it may sound! You can save it! You can use a DVD holder to hide your stereo system while you’re not in a car. People will think you don't even have a stereo in the car to begin with!


Wanna make your car shinier? Here's a tip. Add a little bit of conditioner in the water before you wash your car! It works!

Super Clean Windows

How to clean your windows perfectly? Rub them with Rubbing alcohol! Their surface will be degreased and the blades will be able to clear even the smallest rain drops. Effective!

Another Fun Tip For traveling With kids

Now that we gave you a tip or two about cleaning your car from outside, you can carry erasable markers for your kids. let them have fun with your windows!

Caring Button

The only button in your car that genuinely cares about you is this one! It the Recirculation button! So how does it help? If you are stopped in traffic, you can push this button to keep the dirty and polluted air from getting inside your car. It recirculates the clean air! Nice!

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Clean cup holders

Here's another cleaning tip. Wanna click your cup holders? Use a cup and an old sock, as shown in the picture. To make the process even easier, spray some glass cleaner on the sock. You'll like the end result!

Some Saving Space

Use a couple of snap hooks and you have created a little extra space in your car!

Keep the Change

Keeping some change with you is always important while driving through a toll! Sore your coins in a candy container and keep it within arms reach. Super cool!

A Handy Basket

A handy basket is always useful when it comes to eating in a car! It ensures that the food is not spilled unnecessarily!