Top 10 Places No Human Has Ever Set Foot on Earth

  • 3:29 am March 27, 2018
  • suhas

Look at all these places and see if you wanna be the first person to step here. All the best...


They say the one who Travels the most, lives the most. The best profession in this world is the profession of exploring the world. An explorer lives a life better than us on so many levels.

Yet, There are so many place on our planet which are absolutely unexplored.


Why are these places yet unexplored even after so many years of human settlement one might ask! Well, here's a perspective. Even Mt. Everest has been conquered but these places aren't.

Imagine how difficult it is to explore these places for multiple reasons.


I am sure that now you are extremely interested in knowing the unexplored places which are much more complicated to access even when compared with Mt.Everest.

You need to checkout the video ahead.

The Video...

Well, here's the video of 10 places on our planet where no human has ever set his foot. Let us know how you like it by commenting below. Tell us about more such places and we'll include them in our next list.

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