7 Secret Apple Codes Hidden In Your Iphone You Never Knew About

  • 4:50 pm July 15, 2018
  • vignesh

While you may think that you might be knowing everything there is to your Apple iPhone, along comes a piece of news like this which makes you think otherwise. You would surely be surprised to know just how little you know about your iPhone and how much stuff Apple conceals within the gadget. As an Apple user, there is much more to your apple iPhone than you thought like secret codes hidden in the gadget. There are several codes hidden in your Apple phone that tell us about various bits of information and functions on the device and we are pretty sure you would just love knowing what they are.

Block Caller ID

If you want to be invisible to someone, ghost someone, call them and speak to them. Then this trick will help you do the same!

If you have an iPhone and you intend to prank call your friends then all you have to do is type this code, #31#, that’s your cloak of caller invisibility.

You're Welcome!

Get A More Precise Reading Of Cellular Signal Strength

This one is a little hard to memorize but you can still try this one by storing this in your phone already! Just dial *3001#12345#* to receive various options. Just hold down the power button to ignore the options.

The power screen will pop up, you need to press the home screen button for it to appear on the top left-hand corner in place of bars, numbers will appear indicating the level of signal strength.40-80 indicates a strong signal but anything below means a poor signal.

That's awesome, right?

Here’s How to See Your Phones IMEI Number

We might know this little information that every phone has a unique IMEI number which can be located form phone settings but for a shortcut. You only have to type #06# to view it onscreen.

Call Barring To Block Calls

This facility called, call barring allows you to block both incoming and outgoing calls on your phone.

It is a paid facility but just in case you have it enabled on your phone plan, then hers a code to activate the facility immediately without having to search for it.

You just have to Enter *33*PIN# to enable this facility and again #33*PIN# to disable it. But who needs this?

Locate Your Texting Route And Message Center

As iPhone records everything that you talk to Siri, it even does that with your text messages. So, when you send an SMS, it isn’t sent directly to the person receiving your message but is instead, routed through a message center using a different phone number.

If you want to know this secret number, it can be viewed onscreen by typing in *#5005*7672# and then press the ‘call’ button.

Call Waiting

There's another paid service, Call waiting, by which can be enabled or disabled faster with a few codes. Dial *#43# and again press “call”.

This will tell you the status of the call waiting. If you want to enable it on type *43# and ‘call’. To turn it off type #43# and “call”.

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Call Forwarding

This is the last trick on the list, the Call forwarding service. So, Apple knows that as a normal human being you cannot just memorize every code, and so they use fairly simple ones like *#21#.