A 13 Year Old Builds His Own Impressive Mini House In His Backyard, Take A Look Inside

  • 3:38 pm March 28, 2018
  • delcy

When we talk about today's kids, they are busy with their Ipad and cellphones, Luke is one such exception, the boy was busy in building his house. Well he made a masterpiece that is being loved by everyone, and he is famous all over internet because of his amazing skills and great masterpiece which he has built in his parent's backyard.

Luke Thill

Luke Thill is a middle school of 13 years, from Dubuque, Lowa. He is famous over the internet for his amazing masterpiece which he built in his parent's backyard.

Internet helped him

Well he is not like other kids, unlike other kids who prefer stay on phones and playstation. He came with an idea to do something out of the box and thought of building a a mini house. Likewise, he did a lot of research and thought of executing it.

Raised fund

It took almost a year that he could start building his house, he collected all the materials and money to build this house. So, he raised a fund online, he also had his electrician friend who helped him and in return Luke decided help him to clean his garage.

Recycled material

Well, it is an 89 square foot house is 10 feet long and is 5 1/2 feet wide, which has been atleast 75% recycled materials. He brought this from grandmother's house, but this house doesn't have bathroom and water.

Dad's support

Luke was financially helped by his parents, well his dad helped him building his house. According to his dad its life teaching lesson rather than playing games for Luke.

When he says

Well Luke has done an amazing work in his house, like the house has an amazing modern cave with microwave,and a bed.Take a look

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