A Couple Turn Old School Bus Into A Stunning Home For Their Family Of Six

  • 12:16 pm April 5, 2018
  • delcy

Well going to school is always boring and who will ever think of renovating school bus into a home. Looks like a fun for your kids because when this couple turn an old school bus into a modern, stylish home for their famil of six, Just take a look inside.

Found school bus

When Gabriel And Debbie Mayes decided to embrace the tiny house movement, But they knew the transition would anything but easy. So, when they found this school bus they thought of renovating into a beautiful house. Well they were intrigued with the idea of living in a smaller space.


Yet, before they kick start their adventure on the road, they had to do the Diy renovation. After months of hard work, the Mayes team successfully transformed the 250- square foot into a comfortable home for their family.

After look transformation

Well she got the life changing thing from youtube, and it got instant that it will rock the style. This after look is way different than the before one.

After six months

After six months, the renovation was completed and the family packed up their home in Arlington, Texas and took a trip to sunshine states. Well they got this idea from the Youtube and it was that they will rock it.

They traveled more than 3000 miles

Well, they traveled more than thousand miles through Tennesee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Nevada in their renovated bus before they reach California.

Drastic change

For those who are skeptical about a drastic decision in life, they should stop worrying about what other people think. Following their cross country they have fallen in love with Northern California and decided to state as permanent home.

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