Did You Know These Diy Go- Kart Powered By Drill Motor Is Totally Amazing

  • 12:38 am March 30, 2018
  • delcy

Well, looks like these drill motor can do a lot of innovative things, why not a do it yourself thing. Its better not to waste so much money , when a drill motor can do wonders. Well, these Diy go-kart from drill motor is really amazing. Take a look inside.

Dad the best

When this dad surprised his 5 year old son by making Go-kart from a drill motor, well wonders happen. Looks like this dad is a real superhero.

On budget

When he thought of making this Go-kart from a drill, well he didn't have enough cash to buy an actual one. So, he scattered many materials that will be needed to make this Go-kart.

All about simple machine

It’s all about simple machines, such as levers, pulleys and wedges. The chassis is made of planks of wood the craftsman bolted together and the wheels are from a wagon.

Take a closer look

The best part is how this wheel turn. If you look closer you’ll see an electric drill powering the whole contraption, as the young driver controls it through a clever pulley system connected to a pedal. While the steering wheel seem to be a yellow Frisbee, the brakes function similarly to the acceleration.


Well, we surely appreciate his work, We can't believe that a single drill could get the job done, but it’s actually quite effective.