Did you know That Why This Roads Have Yellow And White Lines

  • 12:53 pm April 2, 2018
  • delcy

When you ever wondered why these roads have yellow and white lines , what it indicates on road or what are the rules. Well, here it helps to navigate properly when the vehicle is running at high speed. But these surely signifies that we cannot break the rules .

White lines

White lines on the road are the most important for traffic control and management.They signify certain rules which are for safety.

Horizontal lines

Well, these lines stretch on the roads, they are generally visible on zebra crossing, railway crossing. Several horizontal lines indicate rumble of strips.They are designed to force a vehicle to slow down.

Dashed lines

These horizontal dashed lines, they indicate the center of the road. They enable the driver to be aware of the direction the road is taking.

Horizontal dashed lines

It helps to navigate properly when the vehicle is running at high speed. If the dashes are close to each other then you may not cross to the other lane. If the dashes are far apart then you can change the lane with due caution.The solid white line at the center of the road indicates that lanes must not be changed.

Yellow lines

Yellow lines enhances on-road visibility. They are more prevalent on highways than on city roads. That’s because highways require a safer environment to function. These lines are easy to spot and generally, a solid yellow line indicates that one must not cross over even if everything on the other side clear.

Single line

A single yellow line in some places marks a bus lane. Private or other vehicles are not allowed to cross over this lane.

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Double lines

Double yellow lines indicates that it is strictly prohibited to cross. Under no circumstances a vehicles is allowed.