Engineering Fails That Will Make You Wonder How These Engineers Received A Degree

  • 12:50 pm May 10, 2018
  • Hazel

Without civil engineers, construction workers and designers, it would have been difficult to imagine many unique structures, buildings, and bridges.

That’s Meaningful

People generally love to wash their hands more than they Pee!

The Fan

Why would you do any investment on a fan when there is no space for it to run?

Drawers and Knobs

Ah! That’s really not looking cool. The stuff is locked inside and the knob can’t turn them out.

Another Case

Where are these stairs going to? Is there any treasure hidden behind that wall?

That Design

I really wonder how to keep myself away from frustration. That design is really annoying.

That’s an Aerial View

You can view things from different positions. Hopefully, you don’t have other thoughts coming in your mind.