9 Hilarious Life Fails That Will Make You Wanna Give Up On Humans!

  • 3:06 pm July 23, 2021
  • suhas

What is life without some funny incidents. Life without fun is basically Pizza without Cheese or pasta without sauce. It just cannot happen! Here are some funny fails that will make you question a lot of things.

Too Comfortable

So seems like somebody got way to comfortable in school. Not bad to be honest! Comfort is everything after all!

Heels Fail

This is a massive heel fail to be honest, has it happened with you ever? If yes, how does it fail and how big of a fail this is?

Tech fail

Who said only humans can have fails? Technology is no better. Even it crashes when you need it the most.

Bad Copy!

No prizes for guessing which place is this place copied from. All we can say is, bad copy!

Funny Notess

Whatever this man is doing, why did the world have to know about it? Also both the notes are super funny.


Some people really don't understand boundaries or how to behave in public. Pro tip- stay away from such people.

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The Question-Answer

Come on, this has to be one of the funniest things you have seen in a long long time! Admit it, that's it!

The Real Way

Speaking of prom, here's another interesting way of asking somebody and getting a confirmed yes!

What Do you Think?

Let's keep this one a little open ended. Something happened down there. What do you think happened? Do let us know!