9 Trendy Clothes That Can Make Even A Perfect Body Look Like A Shapeless Bag

  • 4:55 pm September 2, 2020
  • suhas

Keeping Up with the fashion is always great but that doesn't not mean you wear stuff that makes you look bad. There are a lot of clothes in the market who in the name of fashion look trendy but makes the person look absolutely horrendous! Like a shapeless bag if we may!

Harem pants

Let's face it, Harem pants are not made for everybody. If they suit you great but if they don't, you make the majority of the population in the world. Yes, they are comfortable but they make your body look disproportionate!

Push up bras

Push Bras have been trending since quiet a while now. Women love them but let's address the elephant in the room. They make you look something that you clearly aren't in real life and sometimes, they show a little too much tbh! For a lot of women out there, it isn't even comfortable!


Culottes is in trend because it makes the body more of a square-shape. But here's a secret, what you wear with Culottes is what makes the real difference. Elegant shoes make culottes look like a skirt and sporty shoes are not the best idea.

Jackets with wide shoulders

Jackets with wide shoulders are great and the trend is back but it isn't for everyone. These clothes can help create a more balanced look for girls with pear-shaped bodies. But those with the inverted triangle body shape should be more careful as these jacket increase the width of their shoulder.

Oversized Down jackets

Speaking of jackets, Oversized down jackets aren't that great either. Most probably, it will make you look unnecessarily large!

Dresses and skirts that are short in the front and long in the back

This is one fashion trend that we will never understand! Everything looks in asymmetry. Hardly they make anybody look good!

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Capri pants

You may like them but we would suggest you to stay away from them. The unfinished pantlegs make the body look more massive. And if you wear cargo Capri pants, the legs will look bigger because of the pockets. So just don't!

Dresses and blouses made of thin knitwear

The clothes made of this kind of knit fabric are very tight, but they don’t keep their shape because the material is not that great. This can create massive problems for you randomly while walking! So that is bad!

Shoes with sharp edges and small heels

And finally, Shoes with sharp edges and small heels should be stayed away from as well! They make the feet look massive which looks terrible overall!