10 Facepalm Situations That Will Surely Make Your Eyes twitch!

  • 12:39 pm December 28, 2020
  • suhas

What are the weirdest situations you have ever seen? Are they also the funniest? Well a lot of times, you come across things that are weird and funny at the same time. Here we have the images from certain situations that will make your eyes twitch for sure!

Painfully Orange!

Do you see that one extra orange bead right there. Yes, that is what is hurting my eyes the most! Somebody needs to switch it with a yellow one as soon as possible!

Something is not right!

There is something extremely annoying in this image. We cannot put our finger on that as of now but we know it is there! Can you tell us what it is by any chance?

Technology Fail!

Yes we have progressed in terms of technology but it yet fails us on number of occasions. This one being one of them to be honest! Google maps can be really funny sometimes!


Don't you just hate when this happens? It is annoying beyond belief to be honest! Wait, is it only me who goes through this kind of leakage a lot?

This Electric Switch

“This light switch in my friend’s house.” We genuinely don't know what the electricians and the architect were thinking! How can you make a mistake like this?

Co-Worker's Laptop

“My co-worker’s laptop...I have this in the corner of my eye all day, every day and to make it worse, he has his brightness settings on the lowest they can go.” Again, too painful to see this! We are glad we don't have to go through this everyday!

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Terrible Sight in the Gym!

Being somebody who regularly goes to gym, this is the most annoying sight one can ever witness in gym. Not good!

Untangle this?

When keys are in your pocket, they can do funny things. How do you untangle this? Just how? It is really frustrating at times!

P For?

Its P for salt and S for pepper in some restaurants. Have you ever visited in a restaurant like this before? Always check before you season your food!

Cleaning It Inside out!

“I didn’t mean this when I asked him to clean inside and out.” You can just feel bad for this car owner to be honest!