10 Funny Pictures Of Epic Parenting Fails Which Would Surely Make You Laugh

  • 11:46 am July 21, 2018
  • vignesh

No matter what parenting is undoubtedly the best thing which can happen to anyone. Such an unbridled joy it is to watch your kids grow right in front of you. It is undoubtedly one of the most responsible as well as difficult tasks. No matter how hard we try, a small mistake here and there keeps on happening which we can never get rid of. Parenting fails are undeniable and with the kids at the receiving end, it sometimes becomes hilarious. We at Genmice have compiled a list of 10 hilarious parenting fails captured in pictures here.

What were they thinking

We get a firm feeling here that the family were out for a good time, were walking hands in hands and making merry.

But this would happen even they would not have imagined but to their surprise it did and the kid unknowingly fell from his parents clutches.

Sweater tells a story

This cute little boy went to the school wearing a new Christmas sweater which his parents had gifted him, without realising what Santa was doing. His teacher had a great observational power, though and was asked to swiftly the dress.

When he is thirsty

You are flying to Budapest in a 9 hour flight surely must not be a difficult thing to do, right? Well, with this level of parenting fails, it might be difficult.

Fun in the zoo

As a parent make sure that you never let your daughter sleep alone, in the zoo. The fact that she is still sleeping even after having a lemur on her head makes this picture funny.

Maths gone wrong

For any girl, her dad is her superhero and fathers behave that way with their kids too.Trusting your dad is completely alright but trusting him blindly is not. Even he can be wrong with the calculations, isn’t it?This is surely a case in point here.

He knows about fashion

This young boy surely knows a thing or two about fashion. That’s why he’s done with the dress he’s made to wear. Sometimes, even their own child gets to understand the parenting fails of them.

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Purchase gone wrong

This young girl pleaded with her dad to take her to shopping so her dad took the little one and look what he got for her. Can parenting fails get any funnier than this?

Run out of here

This is one bossy picture with your little champ which only few lucky people will get. Well, we’ve got a runner here in the picture.

What are they upto

Well we guess they must have thought about this before they started posing for the picture, but in the end it turned out pretty funny didn't it.

What's on the TV?

What is that playing in the television? We surely know but the poor baby doesn’t know. This is definitely one of the most hilarious photos of parenting fails one could ever witness.