10 Hilarious Pictures Which Show People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

  • 5:25 pm June 30, 2018
  • vignesh

There are times when we think nothing is going our way. But this hilarious pictures remind us that there are plenty of people having a far worse day than many of us, so just sit back and enjoy what is in store for us.

This is why you shouldn't get too excited...

You should never ever get a drink in your car. There is a 90% of a chance of it spilling all over your seat. And you definitely don't want your seat to be littered with your drink. Your car doesn't drink this. I feel really sad for this person, now...How the hell did he get away with it?

Well, that is sheer bad luck!

Why would he want to drink a beer just when he boarded the plane? Couldn't he just relax and sit for a while before taking actions to his own disappointment? Well, that's just what he has to deal with now, for the remaining 16 hrs in the flight!

The ultimate loner...

This is what happens when you decide to sit it out instead of stepping up and participating in everything during your schooling. The person in the picture who despite being in the center had to face some serious rejection. Learn from this, people...

Sale fail!

Well, this is what you get when you order something online and expect them to deliver what they promised but actually, they give you the exact same piece but for your Barbie doll. You have grown out of it, Alice!

This is some next level game!

Was the player thinking that he was actually inside the game to hit his opponent on the screen? Well, dude...this is not spy kids, this is reality... I wonder what his reaction was when he finally realized what he has done...

That's acceptable...

This is acceptable if someone presents this excuse for getting late for work. Poor girl, she didn't even think that this could ever be the worst case scenario. Well, it isn't much for us but I feel sad for the person who dropped it and the person who had to deal with this situation for the same.

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Potatoes or Pear?

Truth and dare are for kids this is how the real men play the game. You just take a bite while blindfolded and decide which is pear and which one is a potato. That bite of potato that is left beside the potato itself says it all...

How intelligent!

This is really the stupidest thing that you might ever do! That person lacked common sense and so his dedication is now of no use! Did he actually think this out before implementing?

Wow, that's some fetish!

Who the hell does that with a pen? This is so weird! That ball pen ink is not getting off the jeans and there is only one option left and that is slaying it off like a fashion statement!

Dude, look behind!

There is a friggin blast happening behind him and the dude is busy posing or talking on the phone. This is why I hate millennials. The whole generation is ignorant as hell!