10 Hilarious Text Messages That Nobody Should Miss

  • 12:44 am August 28, 2020
  • suhas

With technology at its all time best, connecting with each other has become extremely easy. Everyday we speak to so many people via text messages. What have been the most hilarious conversations you have had? We have compiled 10 funny conversations for you all to see! These conversations are Hilarious!

Savage Mom

You know your Mom is on another level when she trolls you mercilessly on text messages! The whole definition of cool moms come from a savage mom who will not give you any second to rest by describing your life which was given by her.

Turn Of Events

So you know how things get awkward in no time? After the last message, things must've gotten awkward for sure! Hilarious!

Behind The Scenes

Lying is a bad habit, no doubt about that! And lying to somebody extremely close is even worse! Just imagine if you ever get caught like this, what will be your reaction!

Wrong Number

It always hurts when somebody gives you a wrong number. Things become more embarrassing when somebody else points that fact out for you! Sad!

LOL- A New Meaning

The older generation does not really know the full form of abbreviations of modern slang that we use! Sometimes, they can become extremely inappropriate with such stuff!

Food Lover

This is me. I kid you not, this is me! I love food > I Love You. Always!

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How I wish I had a sense of humor like a lot of people I see in these messages do! This is savage to another level!

True Love

Think what you want to but this kind of love is the true love to be honest! All of us should get one!

Special Skills

If the interviewer asks about our skills, always show them an example! Jack is smart! Try and be like Jack in your life!


Autocorrect is a problem that all of us suffer from on regular basis! Also, these auto corrects are notorious for making the chat hilarious!