9 Hilarious Texts From People With Amazing Sense of Humor

  • 12:46 pm January 20, 2021
  • suhas

Sense of humor is a gift that god does not bless everybody with. But the few lucky ones that are gifted with an amazing sense of humor can lit everybody's life! Here are some people and the funny texts that they sent!


Do you have a friend like this? If yes, talking to that friend would be such a pain, right? But at the same time it would be damn hilarious as well!

Logical and Funny

Some people are super smart. they are logical and funny! Only if I was blessed with such an amazing sense of humor! Life would have been amazing.

A Simple Conversation

A simple conversation can also become funny provided you have an amazing sense of humor! Like in this case!

Its all about warmth

Now this is a stupid joke but damn hilarious. It legit made me laugh out super loud!


Nobody can live happily on others misery. But such conversations can surely lit the day up! Too funny!

Funniest One Word Description

Are you telling me that you know of a funnier one word description of a movie? No chance!

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What A Reply!

Is it only me who find this response and the image so damn funny? I cannot stop laughing, what about you?

Love Talks

Have you ever had this conversation with any of your best friends?

That Question Mark

That question mark in the end though! People do have amazing sense of humor!