10 People For Whom 2021 Turned Out To Be Extremely Cruel. Try Not To Laugh On This

  • 11:45 pm September 29, 2020
  • suhas

2020 has been a crazy year for almost all of us! The virus completely stopped the way we all led our lives. The world was at a standstill! But there were some people for him this year turned out to be much more cruel than others. Try not to laugh!

Pizza Cutter

Sad for the man who cut the board as well. okay, so was the cutter too strong or board too weak?

The Broken Spoon

The ice cream was so cold that my spoon, broke into two while scooping inside it. Yes, this really happened, No kidding!

Good Effort Perhaps?

Her sister got her $50 in singles and wrapped each individual dollar in an envelope. So it might look like a lot of cash but it isn't. Life is tough, yes!

Soy Sauce mishap

How much Soy sauce is too much Soy sauce? is this too much? Or wait, way more then too much? What do you think?

Ghost hoodie

This lady washed the hoodie and when her dryer wasn't working, she thought to dry the hoodie outside in −9ºF would be a good idea. Ummmm, clearly it wasn't. Look at what has happened here! Wow!

When toddlers mess with you

So, this toddler decided to wreck the decorations in the house to increase the workload. Toddlers messing with you is the worst thing ever possible to be honest

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Poor guy!

Who leaves their car windows open in a snowy night? Why would you do this? Just why? this looks absolutely terrible!

You had one job!

This person had one job to do, just one job. This is that moment when even the smallest things turn up against you!

Big Issue

The owner of this house had a very big issue to deal with at the beginning of the year! This big bubble that you see is the water trapped within the paint! Wow!

Checked and Bought

So the people who make these fake things, do they really get sleep? How can they sell us this? The quantity was clearly compromised here! The person should've checked and bought!