10 Images That Prove Design Flaws Should Not be Allowed

  • 11:47 pm September 14, 2020
  • suhas

One of the most difficult professions in the world is that of architect/designers. It isn't easy. Specially because the scope of going wrong is bare minimum. When you see these pictures, you will realize why the scope of going wrong is nil in this profession. It just shouldn't be allowed!

The soap dispenser

How are you gonna give out the soap properly if your pipe inside it is short? How are you gonna keep up with the quantity you have mentioned. This is a total design fail!

The sink

Clearly the one who designed this sink is not good with the idea of space. He has left no space for anyone to go about their business. Not cool bro, not cool!

Not A Very Good bench

In case you haven't realized, this is suppose to be a bench. Its job is to let people sit with comfort. Clearly that goal is lost here.

This Light Bulb

Just to give you a little background in case it isn't clear from the photo, this light bulb is too close to the door of the wardrobe perhaps. The person who posted the image said it has been broken too many times but it is still there. Why?

The fire hydrant

The fire hydrant is right in the centre of the road. I don't know if it'll be useful to prevent fire but it'll surely ensure a lot of accidents! Wrong placement!

This Ramp

So this is supposed to be a ramp for people with wheel chair. But it clearly cannot be a ramp as it does not have enough width to accommodate a wheelchair! Sad execution of the resources!

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The teapot lid

There are massive problems with this lid as well. The one pictured here might be the worst teapot, as the handle of its lid melted off when it got hot.

This basketball Court

Why will you cut the one in the top right? Why? Why will you ruin the entire court???

The fading ink

This is a perfect example of how a simple flaw in the design can ruin the entire product. The materials used to make these measuring cups and spoons are not good enough. The ink washes off and you can’t tell what the amount of the cup or spoon is. Yes, minor details like these matter!

The Basement

Just an error of height! This person is shorter than six feet and he is still struggling to enter that basement. You can imagine how short it is. Not recommended!