10 Images That Show Weirdness Won Over Intelligence

  • 6:33 am August 1, 2020
  • suhas

Humans never seize to surprise me. Just when i think that humans cannot get any more weird, somebody new comes up! In fact, here we have assimilated a list for you with bunch of such weird photos that can only be pulled off by equally weird humans! This is funny, stupid, crazy and absolutely unbelievable if we may say so!

Size Matters

So if ever there is anybody who has tried to convince you that size doesn't matter, show them this photo. Here, you can clearly see that size matters and how! Also, who gave this man the idea that he can pull off something like this?

Food time

There are some people in the world who take the entire concept of food time way too seriously! You will clearly not be able to see the correct time or taste that food either! So what is the use of doing something like this?

Judgement Error!

So having bad judgement is alright because most of us go through that. But none of us has such a bad judgement of size and length I think! What exactly was going in the mind of this driver is something that only he knows! This clearly isn't good to be honest!

Give Me Some Space?

Question- How many of us would like to go and take a dump in any of these pots?

Answer- Not me for sure! Whoever thought it is fine to place both the pots so close to each other was either drunk or extremely stupid! Neither of that is appealing!

Securing The Inheritance?

Like something and having complete rights over it is one thing and locking a slipper with a huge lock is another. If you ever wanted an example of what is taking things too far looks like, here it is!

Tape It Up

Raise you hand in your seats if you ever thought of fixing the broken pieces of your car by taping them up! have you? We haven't so this comes as a hilarious shock to us! People can literally do anything in this world!

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What A View!

So, did a blind person install the CCTV camera or a blind person installed a screen right in front of it? In either case, the irony is massive! All in all, looks like a work a blind person can do! Such a waste of money I tell you!

Road Fails

This photo is right on top of the list of epic road fails our world has ever seen! The who purpose of constructing that sewage out there is wasted with the constriction of those bordering mini walls!

Charging Your Card?

Somebody needs to go and inform the owner of this card that this is not how you charge or recharge your card! If you think this is a life hack, it isn't, please!

What A Swag!

Okay, maybe this man is really flexible but this is not how things work! Definitely not how you paint a house! What if he slips in the same position? Things can get really painful in no time!