10 Images Where Weird And Hilarious Things Are Happening In The Background

  • 7:00 am August 1, 2020
  • suhas

The best images in the world are the ones that have been amazingly and hilariously photo bombed by people intentionally or unintentionally! Wait, if it is unintentionally, even better! So well, here we have some of the best such photos that are gonna make you laugh once you notice what is happening in the background!

Perfect Moment?

Is this a perfect moment to capture? Well, not if you are a part of that family and yes if you are a spectator like me who is just enjoying the presence of that sad looking man in the background! So whose side are you on?

That Expression

I am sure this is a great band. i am also sure that they are called by a lot of people for their wedding and private parties. This also ensures me that all these band members and pros. Then why is that drummer behind making that expression? Any problems mate?

Some Ice cream?

The girl looks happy with an ice cream in her hand. the pup evidently isn't to fond of Ice cream it seems. Different beings, different preferences! I like the expression this cute little doggo is giving!

Best Selfie ever?

We have taken a lot of selfies in our life but none of them involved any sea creature. Now this man has a selfie to show with a whale which is super cool! What we want to know is if the appearance of the whale just happened by chance?

True Blessings

This photo will go down as one of the best proposal photos ever clicked! Not because of the guy and the girl but because of the hippo behind that is looking at them and is giving his blessings to them in all likelihood. Lol!


So there are two types of girls in this photo. The first type is busy getting clicked after what looks like a prom party and the other one is right behind eating her favorite snack without giving any damns! Which one do you relate to the most?

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Look Closely

This photo seems to be a great family photo. There is nothing wrong with this picture where 7 people are busy clicking a photo. Confused? Why don't you look down for a moment!

Expectation Vs Reality

This is a perfect picture that shows us the real meaning of expectation vs reality. Two different graduates, two different ways of celebrating the graduation!

What Is Happening?

If you are fixated on the hairstyle of this kid, you are focusing on the wrong place! This is not what you should be focused on! Look behind! Look at what is happening behind!

Ohhh The Queen

Who doesn't wanna share a frame with the queen? Everybody does! But this is one rare instance where the subject doesn't even realize that they have the queen in the background! Absolutely loving Queen's reaction!