10 Pics Which Prove No Matter What Men Will Be Men

  • 12:22 pm August 10, 2018
  • vignesh

Nature has strange ways of playing with humans, it has designed both the genders in such a way that one can’t help but cannot live without each other. The curious case of men being men is one such, where we often see men giving in to their temptations and always look at the fairer gender with much awe and adulation.

No one is different

You may feel that once you are in a certain position of power or you are the most looked after man in the world you would be behaving differently but no men will be men.

Whole group is at it

Its often understood that one in the group might be having his weak moment and would be caught staring but here we see that the entire group is at it.

He could have chosen anything

This guy is pretty smart he could have very well have chosen any pot to do his thing but the wise guy chose this as if he is making a statement, man after all.

Everyone is fixated

It is pretty strange to find something like this, when the entire public is having their eyes fixed on someone like this and they don't seem to look anywhere else.

Whats in an award?

While we don't understand what's the fuss about all the awards but here the things are seriously next level with this guy having his entire focus on her and not the award.

He just got married right

It would not have been long for this guy when he took the marital vows but here he is back to his business doing stuff which he would often do, get a life brother wont you.

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The force is distracted

While there would certainly be many other priorities for people in the force to address this seems to be one of the many, but hey lets not get far too critical and consider this to be a one off incident.

Hold it on mister

You are on live TV for a reason just hold back your emotions even if it is meant for good humour, but when taken out of context this one truly stands out sourly.

Busy people aren't they

We see that when men have off time from their work their past time is to stare until someone gets uncomfortable and this is exactly what these 3 folks seem to be doing here.

When all eyes on her

You crave for her attention envy others when she showers praises on them but when you finally are with her you still end up somehow doing stuff like this.