10 Pictures Which Prove Jealousy Comes In All Sizes And Shapes

  • 10:39 am July 15, 2018
  • vignesh

Envy is the biggest source of inspiration, how true is that. We all have been there done that no matter what. The expressions of jealousy may vary from absurd to weird to at times funny, but the underlying fact is that it is one such emotion which each one of us could very well relate to. Be it a skinny guy looking at a well built man, to an obese looking at that skinny guy, envy is the mother of all feelings. We at Genmice have tried to come up with 10 such pictures which would tell you why envy is overpowering and at times can be taken with a rich of salt as well.

We all have had that moment

Just when we thought only we envy our peers, our friends resting in the most relaxed manner we see this, a cat going all red seeing its contemporary rest well, strange things you see.

Quite jealous isn't it

Affection is something we all wish and crave for, we mean who doesn't love to be cared and pampered same goes with animals too, but if you see someone else getting all the affection right in front of you, not so happy you right.

That look before you would do something wrong

Its human nature to disturb our loved ones while they are catching up on some sleep, we don't know what joy we derive from doing this, but whatever it is its great fun to do that and this cat is no exception.

Keep watching it

We have seen lot of smart watches, ranging from classy to premium but this is one which has surely grabbed our attention like no other, how we wish we had one of this kind with us.

They want to have a look too

How sad is that to see someone who wants to have a piece of pie but helplessly look towards having one we can feel for you buddy even we want to see what is going on.

Stares may tell you the whole story

We know it is pretty tough to imagine what could be and what ifs but we often try to not make things obvious which surely isn't the case here, that women's grumpy stare tells a whole story.

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It was the other way right

Who let the dogs out right?But here the things are quite opposite it is pretty saddening to see the cat being let out and the dog is left watching the cat, the world isn't fair is it?

Even Disney cant let go

Just look at her staring angrily towards her competitor call it coincidence or just pure timing whatever it is it just shows envy cant escape anyone it is all prevailing.

Gym's got it too

People hit the gym when they feel they are really reeling back when it comes to fitness and are pretty determined to fight their fitness battles, but at times they come across people who are already blue bodied fitness freaks and you could only feel envious.

It sometimes hits new levels

Even though people have conveniently brushed things like these under the carpet, pictures like this tell us that jealousy just cant be escaped no matter how hard you try, it will forever stay.