10 Random Pictures To Cheer Your Mood

  • 5:26 pm June 18, 2018
  • vignesh

The internet is certainly filled with weird random pictures which are entertaining enough to boost up your mood. You name it and you will have it there are plenty of them out there, whatever the category there is an apt image for everything, we have a compilation here which will surely cheer you up.

We wonder who gets such car plates

We have seen plenty of customised number plates for cars ranging from fancy to plain bizarre each depending on the choice of customers who want them for their cars but this one certainly takes the cake for topping it all.

A cake which speaks a thousand words

We have seen plenty of wonderfully designed cakes which tries to make the person who is about to cut it more happier but this guy chose to do something absolutely crazy but makes his point so very well, we like.

What went wrong here?

This lady who was so much excited about the elephant safari. But never in her far fetched dream would she have thought about this that the elephant's trunk would directly touch her face but strange things do happen right.

What a getaway place

We often think and plan to go to a place which would enrich our memories and rejuvenate us, if you are looking for such a place look no further this is the place you were dreaming about all along.

She is some archer for sure

Archery is a sport not many people take up while we don't know the reason for sure but there are plenty of well known archers who have made their country proud, how good it could be if we had more archery teachers like her.

Relationship these days

If we cant click for 5 minutes how we will be together for decades, this is the question which affects every relationship nowadays.

Smartphones, social media has changed the rules of the game forever and loyalty has gone out of the window for sure.

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What was he trying to capture

While we do appreciate candid pictures but what we don't like is the fact that people clicking random pictures and posting it, same seems to be the case here with this picture.

Stormtrooper is in the house

We have seen stranger things in life but this one has to be right up there with the weirdest best, this one is a sure laugh out loud image.

What exactly is this

The jury is still out to decide on what exactly this is but we must admit we are not a big fan of whatever this might be, somebody please tell us.

Is this cute?

We thought we have seen plenty of stuff in our life but seeing this gentleman like and with that innocent smile we must say we rest our case let sanity prevail in this world.