10 Times Strangers Entered Other People's Photos And Made It Even Better!

  • 3:26 pm February 1, 2021
  • suhas

Photobombing is not new. It happens almost all the time. Our friends love doing that and ruin our photos. But when a stranger with a great sense of humor does it, photos just become better! Like these 10 images!


We really don't know who was more surprised by this proposal. The lady who was proposed or the one who was just walking behind? Things can get really funny sometimes to be honest!

Funniest Ever!

“Just got back from Iceland- was going through my pictures and found the best photobomb of all time.” This indeed is the funniest photobomb ever! Absolutely lovely!

Scary Wedding Photo

Looking for a photobomb here. Look between the couple! Yes, this is there wedding photo and this is how they were photobombed! Looks a little scary to be honest!

Awesome Life!

Has anyone ever photobombed you like this? If yes, congratulations, your life is absolutely awesome!

Hilarious Expressions

The guy in the blue is hilarious! I mean his expressions are! Totally improved a cute couple photo here!


Kids are the best. they have an extremely pure heart. Also, they really don't care about people around them and do whatever they feel like! Even if it ruins the picture!

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The Arrest

I cannot stop laughing looking at this image right here! It is so hilarious! Look at the arrest. Absolutely hilarious!

Ummmmm No Thanks

Ummmmm, this one is genuinely a scary photobomb! Never ever wanna go through this! Also, thinking about the person who clicked this image!

By Leo

Even I would like to be photobombed Leo! i am ready to pay for it as well!

High profile!

Here's another high profile photobombing! And again I am thinking, when will I get this lucky? Wow!