10 Toilet Signs Which Surely Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

  • 12:37 pm May 16, 2018
  • vignesh

Signs and symbols have existed way before language was created. The best part about signs is that they are open to interpretation. Signs depending on place and situation often bring about a smile on people’s faces, whether it be signboards for traffic or route navigations. The most common ones are found at toilets, which are easily the most funniest.

One for the Intellects

This one is quite interesting, it leaves pretty much everything to our imagination so that we could come up trumps in understanding what exactly the signs denote, were you able to figure this out with ease?

Is this Thor in there?

What can one make of this signs, do we have our beloved Superhero Lord of Thunder-Thor in the house or what sense should me make of hammer, nuts and bolts, we are trying to figure out.

No Gender Discrimination

Now this one doesn't believe in taking sides, and tries to be gender neutral, well we do appreciate the thought behind this, but a little more help would have been far appreciated.

Quite in your face

Now far removed from the world of subtlety is this toilet sign which has really gotten into the intrinsic details of nature, we mean who puts a sign like that

Switch on flip on

This one takes the cake for being extremely risqué and it is pretty much in your face, switch on the best in you when you encounter such toilets

Written on the Lid

Now this one doesn't place a signboard anywhere but makes sure it lists out what it means by writing on the pot itself, we appreciate them mentioning and notifying the users.

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We aren't exactly sure what they want to tell us by having the transformers sign board out there, at least we have knowledge about the other two compartments.

Nice One on display

This signboard is a lovely little message which quite unknowingly makes a strong case for women empowerment we appreciate the thought behind this idea.

Quite a noticeable difference

This signboard is a pretty smart one using the little antics of nature to differentiate between the genders, we are quite sure that team behind this idea are a group of creative folks

Group vs One

This is quite a description which shows how differently wired are men and women, a highly comical depiction about how two genders operate.