10 Most Unlucky Moments Of The Most Unlucky People In The World!

  • 11:58 pm September 27, 2020
  • suhas

Not everybody in this world is as lucky as you. There are some people who struggle on daily basis and man their struggle is real! When you see these images, you would know. Check these extremely unlucky moments of some people!

Titanic Moment

This is that Titanic moment which all of us would like to imitate. They did it too, it just wasn't their lucky day to be honest!


Okay, this is absolutely unfortunate. It should never happen to anybody. never ever! This just looks so painful!

The Waste Of Wine

This is not a very soothing photo for all the wine lovers out there. This may not be the best thing!

NFS Underwater

Love NFS? Well, this car underwater gives you super duper terrible accident feels! Right?


After looking at this, we are really worried for the one who was inside this truck. We really hope that the person is safe and sound. This looks like a terrible accident. Soul crushing, if we may say so!

Crazy One

When life gives you lemon, make a lemonade and chill! And when your car gets burnt, just smile and take a selfie! This is the mantra of this man. Also, this smile reminds of of Dwight Schrute.

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Bad Day

Having a bad day? Well, look at this woman! This is what a true bad day looks like. Too bad and stinky I am sure!

What You Doin There, Human?

This photographer is in tremendous danger right now. We wish we could see what happened after this moment but whatever did is definitely not calming!

This Bike ride

This surely looks like one hell of a bike ride. Moments later, something happened that none of us would really like to see!


Seems like someone is clearly not having a good day here. Anybody remember the FRIENDS moment after looking at this?