12 Pictures That Are Awesome And Proportionately Confusing Too

  • 1:16 pm August 22, 2018
  • vignesh

We often come across a picture that says so much and yet so little all at the same time.A little bit more information would be great but while you’re sitting there confused, thinking what exactly this might be, we will help you with some information.

Princess is she?

What’s with the medieval armor in the background? Also…assets!

One direction?

If that is the only way to ahead we aren't sure we would go that way.

Looks can be deceptive

We aren't really sure what to call her, she seems pretty but intimidating at the same time

Weird isn't it

We have seen plenty of stuff in life but this one is surely something else

How stupid is too stupid

Stupidity doesn't have a limit Einstein defined it right

Something's amiss

We aren't sure where is his neck, someone with a clue?

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What is that?

This picture is sure to leave you moose-tified.

Pretty strong isn't she

We admire such superwomen, complete strength and power to her

No spicy food please

We guess people have had a lot of spicy food or are we missing something

Just a tattoo right

Awake the inner lion in you by flaunting it right

That's different

Everyone wants to know for sure what exactly is that

Phone booth goals

This is something which will surely bring out a smile on anyone's face