18 Weird Pictures That Require Some Extra Attention To Understand Them

  • 4:14 pm September 4, 2018
  • vignesh

Pictures often don't paint the complete picture, they often say the unsaid.You'll have to look at these pictures with proper focus at least more than once to understand what is going on in them...

Not cool

If even you have ever experienced something like this,your life is seriously depressing. Not cool!


Nope, look at it properly, these are not 2 separate roads!


Yet it looks perfect. More angry, more grumpy!

Is it true

Who needs real hair when you can get this!


When a random pig photo bombs a very romantic moment!


So this isn't a garden or perfectly carved grass. It's a lake with thin layer of algae!

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Tilt the photo right anti-clockwise and you’d know it’s not as magical. Absolutely magical!

Brown vase

This woman will stop being three legged when you'll spot that brown vase.

A spoilt one

This is the most defected Mac burger in the world.

Not that risky

No, he's not collapsing. He's just resting on a flat second.

Look closely

So if you thought those are 2 legs, you are wrong. Look at it properly.

The Last One...

Only if the last cookie was also perfectly placed!

This one

That there’s Yoda standing beside baby Jesus. Ummm not sure how good it is...

The admirer

Ummmm, there's another admirer of this dress here!

So uncomfortable

Ummmm this is just making me uncomfortable on a very dangerous level!

Weird Pose

This has to be a very weird wedding pose!

The Eyes

No, she's not a ghost. It is just a reflection of her eye!

How similar

How eerily similar is that