7 Images That Are Hilarious And Proportionately Way Too Confusing!

  • 6:18 pm October 20, 2020
  • suhas

Let's make it extremely simple for you all. Life is nothing but an amalgamation of funny images. Things happen, your brain memorizes it and then you laugh in future. These images are just the same. Some might even call them way too hilarious by the way!

What Is That?

Do you see that little thing behind? What exactly is that? ha somebody captured a poop real well? What is the scene?

Who is She?

One thing that everybody surely wants to know is that how did this person get this number plate. Also, who is she for real?


This is phone booth goals for real. We genuinely only wanna use phone to call 2 people. No prizes for guessing which ones!

One direction?

We don't think we have to explain this image to anybody. It is too hilarious and if you don't get it, you just don't get it!

Looks can be deceptive

This image clearly proves that looks can be seriously deceptive. We aren't really sure what to call her, she seems pretty but intimidating!

Double Neck?

Something is seriously wrong with this photo. We kid you not, seriously wrong for sure! Whatsup with that neck?

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No spicy food please

And finally, this is why people should stop eating spicy food! Also, we wish we were as cool as this guy!