7 Texts From Parents Who Aced The Art Of Sarcasm!

  • 1:56 pm June 10, 2021
  • suhas

Sarcasm is not everybody's cup of tea. We usually believe that sarcasm is only young people's thing! But here are some parents who are better at sarcasm than your best friend! Yes, these messages are hilarious!

Big Trouble!

Sometimes, everything your mom says is a trick question! Just like in this case! This is a savage Mom yes!

Too Dramatic

Some parents are just too dramatic! But this is taking dramatics to another level altogether.

More Dramatic

If you think the mother above was dramatic, wait till you read this father. Yes, parents can get absolutely crazy!


Some people are just mean! This father stand on top of that list! I am wondering what the son must be going through.

Serious Discussion

Some discussions are really important. This is one of them. This Dad definitely has a point in the end!

Risky Dad

This dad is definitely one of the funniest dads out there. We need more dads like this! In terms of funny btw!

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Are you Alive?

Who said only dads are funny? Moms are equally hilarious! What a sense of humor!